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Tomb Cover with Effigy of Rudolf of Wabia, Merseburg, Germany 1080 - Example of bronze casting. - The medium is sculpture. - They would make what they ever wanted out of wax, then use clay to form a mold, then pass that down into a furnace and melt the wax. Then they would poor the bronze in, let it cool, and take off the clay. - Depicts someone who was actually a King in Germany. This was his grave marker. They thought, that by putting his body in the basement of the church, it would increase his chance of getting into heaven. - The stone was placed in the living room. - He helped the Pope and there was a big battle in Germany and he was wounded in battle because his hand was cut off and he bled to death. - You can compare it to the Dying Gaul. - The church is trying to say that this is someone who deserves to be treated like a saint because he died for the church. Hildegard and Volmer, Liber Scivias 1165-75 - The medium is manuscript elumination. -
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