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Art History-page24 - -Vertically spacious and light-Stained...

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- The support system consists of simple cylinders. - It really uses groin vaulting. - A huge open space. It has a lot of air. - Meaning o First gothic building. o Built in order to promote the interest of the king of France. Chartres Cathedral, Chartes, France 1194-1220 - It had a relic, like a night gown. It was given to the church several hundred years earlier. - People believed in the supernatural. - People went on tour, took the relics and raised lots of money and rebuilt the church, in order to make it better than ever and dedicate it to the mother of god. - Look it as the Steve Jobs period. - Large piers that provide support for the building. - The Flying Buttress o You can provide a lot more support with is. o This is the first church designed for flying buttresses. - The support system is simple cylinders surrounded by a columns. - The walls are extremely tall. - Rind gallery, is a decorational part. - Large supports. - This one has pointed arches.
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Unformatted text preview: -Vertically spacious and light. -Stained glass, long. o Signature at the bottom was to represent shoe makers, middle class people. o Proves that the middle class donated to the church as well. -Ancester Wagon o The water carriers build. -Meaning of the Building. o The walls are perfect symmetrical + all the stained glass. o This church was meant to look like heaven, as described in the bible. o The glass was meant to represent all the stones that represent Jerusalem. Reims Cathedral, Reims, France 1220 -This is where the Kings and Queens were Crowned. -This is where Joan of Art brought the Crowne Prince for his coronation. -Millions of dollars to build these structures. -Its 125 feet tall. Sainte-Chapelle, Paris France 1243-48 -Located on the Island of the City. -This is where the palace stood. -The “Holy chapel.” -Built for Louis IX. -Very much filled with color. -Gothic architecture was bright, cheerful and full of patterns....
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