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- Two levels. - The chapel was on the second level. - 40 ft high. Small building my Gothic Standards. - The wall of the building is 1/8 th of the elevation. The columns are so slender, and the vaults are soooo thing. - Everything is painted which makes it appear thinner. - The scenes in the windows are of good and bad kinds from the old testiment. They taught how to do things the right way. - Right across the street from Notre Dame. Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England 1220-58 - Travels from France and spreads all over Europe. - Pointed arches, large windows, groin vault, very tall. - Everywhere Gothic travels, people changed it a bit. - In England, they liked color contrast. o The columns are made of marble. o The vaults are painted, there are more ribs to make it look like a colidescope. House of Jacques Coeur, Bourges, France 1443-51 - A more comfortable place to live, especially in style.
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Unformatted text preview: -Huge fireplaces. -Gigantic windows. -This was for the middle class. Monday October 24, 2011 West Portal, Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France 1145-55 -West portal was the only part that survived the big fire that. -Three portals at the entrance of the church. -Symmetrical, clear, large. -Doors are line dup. -Columns that come up to the top of the doors. -Central Statue o Christ seated on a throne. The God-esque is still a powerful god. o Authority, magesty, -Side view of statues: o Kings and Queens riding along the buttresses. o Jamb figures, because the flag the door. o Tall and skinny statues. o Very thin. Not normal. But date back to Romanesque. o Gothic figures are very quiet and very still. o A lot of them are smiling. o They are cut in the round. o For all of these reasons, they are humanized. -Middle Door Thing o The figure is more optical....
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