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Art History-page26 - -This church has more sculpture than...

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o He is a relief figure. He is almost completely removed from the stone but is not. o The style is more classical. Far away form the flat absctract figures of Romanesque. Nicholas of Verdun, Shrine of the Three Kings 1190 - Sculpture. - It is a bobox. - Reliquary: Box for relics. - On the high alter of a cathedral. - 5ft long. 3.5ft high. Made of solid silver. - The silver was guilded, placed a layer of solid gold on the silver. - It was made to make it look like a church. The blue decoration is a glass like element. - Hallow cast that are solid silver/guilded. - Nicholas of Verdun o Member of the middle class. o Not a religious figure. o One of the best. o Traveled form one end of Europe to the other, and well paid for his work in many churches through his work. - The wealthy collected classical art. Visitation, Reims Cathedral, Reims France 1230 - Kings of France were crowned here. - Biggest most lavish cathedrals in France.
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Unformatted text preview: -This church has more sculpture than pretty much other church. -4 Figures on Center Door (Visitation Group) o The one on the left is Mary, the mother of God. o The other one is Elisabeth, the cousin of Mary. o They are walking and are not in controposto. o Imitates a scene from the Bible, known as the Visitation. o Occurred when Mary was expecting Jesus, visited Elisabeth who was pregnant with John the Baptist. o The columns are very tiny. o Mary is very young. Elisabeth looks very old (described in the bible as beyond child bearing years) o Worked in the round. Ekkehard and Uta, Naumburg Cathedral, Naumburg, Germany 1245 -Simple apse. -Three steps up to the alter. -Donor figures -Done of the master in his workshop in France. -The figures who represent rich people donated money to the church. -One of the Statues o Sword is drawn. -Ekkehard and Uta...
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