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o Members of the upper-middle class. o 5 ft high. o Contemporary garments. o Jewels and crown. You can almost see the texture of each article of clothing. o Scientific observation. o Uta is happy face. Ekkehard is very content. o The church made these sculptures in order to show the rich people as good people. Jewelry Casket, Attack on the Castle of Love 1330-50 - Scenes from Tristen and Ezoga, showing a man and a woman who were lovers but were not married. - Very sensual and erotic. November 2, 2011 The Islamic House of Prayer: The Mosque Mohammad was driven out of Mecca. Fleed to the town of Medina and builds a house. Most of the house made out of mud brick. This is where the design came from for mosques, with the big court yard in the middle. The deck has lots of columns holding up the room , with nothing in it. It faces Mecca. The tower was there to help tell time. The building faces Arabia. The court yard can hold an overflow crowd.
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Unformatted text preview: It does not have a big alter that focuses on a Mass. Qibla = direction of Mecca. The tower has become the symbol of Islam. You need a source of running water. The Mihrab or Niche tells you where the wall is that you need to face when praying. On Friday after prayer in the afternoon, a sermon is given for probably a half hour. The sermon is given at the top of a staircase. The preacher stands on the top third step. No one prays through a church, a saint, or priest. Generally the eldest man leads the prayer. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain -Good example. -It was converted into a Christian church in the 1600s. -So many doors. No one way to get in. -Decorations are mainly geometry. -Mathemetics is beautiful. -Conceptualize different architectural things such as the arch. -Very interwoven arches. -The dome has 8 arches that are interwoven. The Mosque of Sultan Selim II, Edirne, Turkey...
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