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Art History-page28 - act of devotion-In the Islamic world...

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- Has a large court yard with a big fountain in the middle. - The main part of the building is under the roof and in this case, there is a centralized space. This was down for asthetic reasons. - The four towers are there for show. They only need one. The Mosque of Shah Abbas I, Isfahan, Iran - Large court yard. On both sides of the court yard there are large - The gateway is comepletly covered in tyle. - Muqarnas. Its all geometry and calligraphy. Monday November 7, 2011 Shams = Sun - Shamsa refers to a medalan. - The idea of the dome decoration is that the decoration shows the sun, which is itself a metaphor for God who gives off life. - In church you lit a candle and it was a symbol of gods light and that it was considered an
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Unformatted text preview: act of devotion. -In the Islamic world, the first prayer is before the sunrise and the last one is before the sunset. In Christianity, the lights are kept on the alter, in Islam, they are kept outside and throughout. -Mukarnus – kinda like the apse that is found in a roman catholic church. -In God, the compassionate and merciful. -Sajjedha – the carpet in which you put your head to the floor. The Taj Mahal is covered in inscriptions and colorful flowers. This is a metaphor of paradise on earth. All intended to invoke the paradise tha tbelievers might occupy. The bird of paradise is the peacock! The dome that you see in the medallion of the carpet is what you see in the....
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