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- Myths explain things more frequently. - Legends possibly glorify heroes. Myths: - Divine myths or sacred narratives. - They tend to account for the origin of pretty much everything. - Etiological: Explain the origin of something. o Greek word aetiological. - Myths focus on Gods. - Myths occurred before written time. - Orgin of the cosmos. - Pandora (the first woman) Legends: - AKA Sagas - May have historical basis. - Human beings that do some sorta extraordinary deeds. - St. George slaying the dragon. - Something you might want to aspire to. - Trojan War for example. - Nibelungenlied (Norse/German) Folktales - AKA Fairy Tales - Usually have a moral lesson.
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Unformatted text preview: -Animals, mystical beings with human qualities, young humans are usually the characters involved. -They are set “once upon a time.” -Folktale Type v. Motif o Folktale type = Basic plot of folktale. Example: Cinderella Type. Hero Quest. o Folktale Motif: Abused youngest sister of three. Specific smaller element in folktale. Magic carpet. -Psyche and Cupid Monday September 12, 2011 Characteristics of Greek Myth -It is polytheistic belief in many Gods. -Pantheon Group of Gods. -Anthropomorphic Gods take on human like qualities. o Human forms. o Shape shift into animals or objects....
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