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o Demonstrated human behaviors. - Patriarchal male dominated (zeus) - Women were pretty much trapped. Once they started menstration, they were married off. - Misogyny Hatred of women. - Individualistic Focus on individual & competition with others. Also aiming for glory for individual reputation. - Humanistic Focus ultimately on human beings. o Human potential, dignity, creativity. o Human suffering. o Self-discipline. o Example: Story of Solon and Croesus p. 236 o Example: Story of Daedalus and Icarus 47-48 Know your limits. Respect your elders who are wise. Self discipline! Greek Myth Geography - Check out OWL. - Geography influenced the development of the myths. - Mountains + Plains = Isolation
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Unformatted text preview: -Thesius was a hero well known and loved in Athens. -Dry + Warm = Outdoor lifestyle. -Limestone + Clay = Pottery, sculputure -Northern Greece o Not heavily settled. o Thessaly, home of Mt. Olympos -Central Greece o Known for the city of Athens. o Delphi is also located there. -Southern Greece o Area known as Peloponnesos o Sparta is located there. o Olympia is also located there. -Bodies of Water o Mediterranean Sea o Aegean Sea September 14, 2011 Sources for Greek Myth -Art o Paintings (Greek and Roman). o Greek vase painting. o Roman wall paintings. o Sculptures (Greek and Roman). Greek Originals/copies. Roman copies of Greek works. o Coins (Greek and Roman)...
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