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o Mosaics (Roman) - Archaeology o Archaeological sites. o Artifacts at archaeological sites. - Literature (Greek and Roman) o Archaic period (800-480 BCE). Epic Poetry: Homer (Iliad and the Odyssey). Epic Poetry: Hesiod (creation myths). Epic Poetry: Trojan Cycle (fragments). Short Poems: Homeric Hymns. Short Poems: Lyric poetry. o Classical period (480-323 BCE) Drama (tragedy, comedy). Aeschylus (tragedy) Sophocles (tragedy) Eripides (tragedy)
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Unformatted text preview: Aristrophanes (comedy) History (Herodotus) Philosophy o Hellenistic Period (323-30 BCE) Epic Poetry (Apollonius, Argonautics) Mythography o Roman Period (1 st Century BCE 2 nd Century AD) Epic Poetry: Vergil, Aeneid Epic Poetry: Ovid, Metamorphoses Short poetry History Biography (Plutarch) Travel writing (Pausanias) Near Eastern Influence on Greek Myth -Iran, Iraq, and Turkey -750 BCE or 8 th Century BCE...
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