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Friday September 16, 2011 The Greek Pantheon: The 12 Olympians and Others 1. Zeus (Roman Jupiter, Jove) a. Head of the Greek pantheon. b. Sky God, Storm God. c. God of justice. d. God of hospitality. e. Worship centers at Olympia and Dodona. f. Noted for his amorous activity. g. Iconography: i. The traditional symbols or images associated with a character. 1. For Zeus, Thunderbolt, Eagle, Older, Bearded. 2. Poseidon (Roman Neptune) a. Brother of Zeus. b. God of the Sea. c. God of earthquakes. d. Worship center at Cape Sounion. e. Iconography i. Trident (fishing speaker). ii. Horse. iii. Sea people. iv. Older, bearded.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Hera (Roman Juno) a. Sister/wife of Zeus. b. Goddess of marriage. c. Angry at Zeus’s infidelity. d. Worship center at Argos. e. Iconography i. Matron’s headdress. ii. Peacock. 4. Demeter (Roman Ceres) a. Sister of Zeus b. Goddess of agriculture. c. Worship center at Eleusis. d. Iconography i. Sheaves of wheat. ii. Her daughter, Persephone. 5. Apollo (Roman Apollo) a. Son of Zeus. b. God of music, poetry, prophecy. c. God of hunting, archery, plague. d. Not associated with the Sun until the Hellenistic period. After the death of Alexander the Great. e. Associated with the nine Muses....
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