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f. Worship centers at Delos and Delphi. g. Iconography i. Iyre (musical instrument) ii. Bow and arrows. iii. Laurel leaves/wreath. iv. Youthful (not breaded) 6. Artimus (Roman Diana) a. Daughter of Zeus and LEto. b. Virgin Goddess of wildlife and the hunt. c. Later assumed the functions of Selene, the moon. d. Symbols: Bow and Arrow, and later the moon. 7. Aphrodite (Roman Venus) a. Daughter of Zeus and Dione. b. Goddess of Beauty, sexual love, and desire. c. Wife of Hephaestus. d. Dove. 8. Athena (Roman Minerva) a. Daughter of Zeus b. Virgin Goddess c. Goddess of wisdom &Strategy d. Goddess of women;s work, weaving. e. Main worship center at Athens. f. Iconography Armor (helmet, shield, spear, breastplate) 9. Hermes (Roman Mercury) a. Son of Zeus b.
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Unformatted text preview: Messenger God. c. God of thieves, liars, gamblers.God of travelers, merchants. d. Psychopomp (guider of souls) e. Worshipped at roadside Herms. f. Apotropaic: Statue of crossroads, boarders, (luck/fertility) g. Apotropaic: Turning away, evil/badwork h. Rubpfallis for good luck i. Iconography: Caduceus = Messenger’s Staff, winged cap, winged shoes, travelers cloak. 10. Ares (Roman Mars) a. Son of Zeus b. God of War c. Not popular (worship negligible) d. Iconography: Armor (helmet, shield, spear) i. Attendants: Fear & Panic (Roman: Phobos & Deimos) 11. Dionysus aka Bacchus (Roman Bacchus) a. Son of Zeus b. God of the vine. c. God of untamed nature. d. Associate with mysticism, religious ecstacy, communion, the irrational....
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