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o Cosmogony: Origin of the cosmos. More specific than cosmology. Myths of the creation of the universe. o Theogony: Origin of the Gods. From Greek word Theos, “God” Myth of the origin of the Gods. - Types of Creation Myths o MANY! o See Spark Reading. Near Eastern Creation Myths - Babylonia (Iraq): The Enuma Elish - Epic poem (in cuneiform writing) - 12 th Century BC or earlier. - Glorifies Babylon. - Tells how Marduk gained supremacy. o Influenced the Greek Zeus - Enuma Elish = “When on High.” - Water deities Apsu and Tiamat exist. - Produce silt/slime - Separation of earth and sky. - They have children, and the younger generation Gods rebel. - Marduk kills Tiamat. o Creates world form Tiamat’s body.
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Unformatted text preview: Makes clouds from her saliva. River from her eyes. Mountains from her breasts. Hittite: Kingship in Heaven -Tribe in Anatolia (Turkey) -Second millennium BC (ca 1400) -Myth also called “Song of Kumarbi” -Sky God Alalu ruled. -Any overthrew Alalu. -Kumarbi attacked Anu. -Kumarbi bit off and swallowed Anu’s genitals. o Taking away his masculinity and taking away his power. o Kumarbi, who is male, became pregnant from eating the genitals. o Births Storm God. Influence on Greek Creation Myth: -Succession myth: Generations of Gods overthrow each other for supremacy. -Movement from chaos to order. -Movement from female to male. Quiz -Short essay, short answer....
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