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Classics-page9 - o Two wars in heaven Zeus v...

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- First part of the exam includes slides. o She asks us to write about it. o Describe the following… o Why might cultures have….? o A short essay…with a choice of topics. o Exam is this Wednesday. o The lectures are simplified versions of the reading. Focus on where class and book overlap. o Need to know the Roman version of the names. Hesiod’s Theogony Hesiod - 8 th Century BC. - Farmer and poet. - Main works: o Theogony o Works and Days - Main version of Greek creation story. - Covers o Origin of the universe. o Generations and genealogies of Gods. o Praise of Zeus. Hesiod’s Theogony Three Main Secions - Creation of universe and Gods.
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Unformatted text preview: o Two wars in heaven. Zeus v. titans (previous generation) Zeus v. Typhones (Chaose monster) o Establishment of Order. Poem opening invokes Muses: -Begin our singing with the Helikonian Muses, Who possess Mount Helikon, high and holy. -And they breathed into me, a voice divine, so I might celebrate past and future. And they told me to hymn the generation of the eternal gods. The First Gods -Chaos (a void) -Gaia (earth) -Tartarus (a dark pit) -Eros (desire) Gaea, “Earth” Uranus (Ouranos) “Sky” Gaea “Earth” + Uranus “Earth” Cyclopes and Hundred Handers and 12 Titans....
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