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Classics-page10 - It was a surprise attack Separation of...

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Problems: - Uranus fears being overthrown. - Forces Titans back into Gaea. o And from the start their father feared and loathed them. Ouranos used to stuff all of his children Back into a hollow of Earth soon as they were born. - Gaea’s Reaction o Hates Uranus for doing it. o Has children plot against father. Vast Earth groaned under the pressure inside, and then she came up with a plan. She created a weapon. o Result Cronus castrates Uranus. Earth hid young Kronos in an ambush and placed in his hands. The jagged sickle. Then she went over the whole plan with him…the son reached out with his left hand, while his right he swung the fiendishly long and jagged sickle, pruning the genitals of his own father with one swoop.
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Unformatted text preview: It was a surprise attack. Separation of Earth and Sky. Side result: • Birth of Aphrodite! The Next Generation (Titans) Cronus (Sky) + Rhea (Earth) = Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus 1. Cronus & Siblings = 12 Titans 2. Cronus now in charge after murdering father. 3. Cronus marries Rhea (Sister). 4. Cronus has children with Rhea. Problem: -Cronus fears being overthrown. -Swallows his own children. -Rhea’s reaction: o Hates Cronus. o Feeds him stone instead of Zeus. o Result: Zeus groups up on Crete. Zeues overthrows Cronus. Monday September 26, 2011 How does Zeus Overthrow Cronus? -Zeus grows up on Crete. -Zeus starts the first war to rebel against Cronus. Lines 268-280:...
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