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- Rhea wrapped a great stone in swaddling clothes and gave it to Cronos…He had no idea that a stone had been substituted for his sone, who unscathed, would soon wrest. His honors from him by force and rule the immortals. First War: Titanomachy - machy = war The Titanomachy - Zeus war against Cronus. - Zeus + siblings + some others vs. Titans. - Zeus et al. victorious. - Titans become imprisoned. Second War: Typhonomachy - Zeus vs. Typhoeus - Zeus defeats the chaos monster. - He burns the heads of Typhoeus and mames him. Snakes were seen as related to women because of their relation with the earth. The Gigantomachy - Zeus had to fight giants.
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Unformatted text preview: -Zeus + siblings + others v. Giants What do these wars represent and symbolize? Victory of: -Order over chaos. -Civilization over nature. -Male over female. Three Main Sections -Creation of universe and Gods. -Two Wars in Heaven. -Establishment of cosmic order. Establishment of Cosmic Order -Zeus is in charge. -Zeus mates and procreates: o Zeus + Metis (Wisdom) o Afraid of being overthrown. o Swallows pregnant Metis. (People use that story as Zeus taking in Wisdom to teach him to be a better leader). o Essentially becomes pregnant himself. (Similar to the Hittite myth). o Gives birth to Athena via his head....
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