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Birth of Athena, Alternative Version - Zeus has bad headache. - Hephaestus splits open Zeus’s head. - Out pops Athena, fully grown, and fully ready to go. Zeus Mates and Procreates - Various mates! - He creates the Fates. - Zeus + Demeter Persephone. - Zeus mates and creates the 9 Muses. - Last Wife: Hera! o Produce Hebe, Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth) and Ares. - Ends with Zeus in control. Meaning? o Overcoming the forces of nature. o Imposing his will. o Preventing his offspring from overcoming him. Exam! - No maps! May need to know some of the places and their importance.
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Unformatted text preview: -Check online for the study guide. Friday September 30, 2011 Man’s Alienation From the Gods. (Alienation from Nature) Zeus and Mankind (The Ages of Man) -Source: Hesiod, Works and Days -Also: Ovid, Metamorphoses -Progressively Worse -Less pious. -More warlike. -Overall Theme o Technology alienates from the divine. Ages of Man 1. Golden Age – created by Gods. a. No work, no grief. b. No old age. c. Land provides food. d. CF. Garden of Eden. 2. Silver Age – created by Gods a. Childlike. b. Less Pious c. Angered the Gods....
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