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3. Bronze Age – Created by Olympian Gods. a. Made of ash trees. b. Weapons, fighting, war c. Killed each other off. 4. Age of Heroes – Unique to Hesiod. a. Died fighting the great wars. b. Generation before Hesiod c. Rewarded 5. Iron Age – Created by Zeus a. Worst…generation…ever! b. Pain, grief, vexation, toil. c. No respect, no justice. d. Godless, evil. Hesiod’s Five Ages of Man - Ends with man and God opposed. Hesiod on Prometheus and Man - Ends with man and God Opposed. - Prometheus the Fire-bearer - Main reason why Pandora was created. Prometheus - Second-generation Titan. - Name = Greek, “Forethought”
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Unformatted text preview: -Fought with Zeus against Cronus. Culture Hero -Introduces technology to mankind. -Mankind becomes civilized. -Trickster Figure = Plays tricks for own amusement, amoral -Examples o Prometheus (greek) o Anansi, a giant spider (Ashanti, W. Africa) o Maui (Polynesia) o Quetzalcoati (Aztec) o Raven (Various Native American) Prometheus -Tricks Zeus to help mankind. -The tricks o The sacrifice trick (explains ritual sacrifice) Zeus’ response: Withholds fire. o Steals Fire (technological advance) Stole fire from Zeus by putting it in a hallow reed. Zeus’ Response: Punishes Prometheus....
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