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Classics-page14 - -A hopeless trap-Deadly to men Works and...

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Prometheus is tied to the top of a mountain, and he has his liver eaten out everyday by an eagle that Zeus continues to send. His liver would grow back every night. Prometheus was seen as a martyr for helping mankind. Comparable to Jesus on the Cross. Heracles rescues Prometheus. Parallel Structures: - Good thing (meat) hidden in the ugly thing (stomach) - Bad thing (bones) hidden in pretty thing (shiny fat) - Good thing (fire hidden in worthless thing (hollow stalk) October 3, 2011 The Creation of Women Punishments for stealing fire: - Prometheus’ torture. - Creation of woman (to put man at disadvantage) Hesiod’s Versions: - Theogony (woman not named). - Works and Days (Pandora) - Pandora = “All gifts”, all endowed. - Gifts from various deities. - Lovely outside, rotten inside. - A gift of evil for mankind. - A lovely curse. -
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Unformatted text preview: -A hopeless trap. -Deadly to men. Works and Days, line 75 -“I’m going to give mankind Evil in exchange for fire. Their ver own Evil to love and embrace.” Then he called Hephaistos and told him to hurry and knead some earth and water and put a human choice in it and to make the face like an immortal goddess’s face and the figure like a beautiful virgin.” -“Then he told Athena to each her embroidery and weaving. And Aphrodite to spill grace on her head and painful desire and anguish and he ordered the quicksilver messenger Hermes to give her a bitchy mind and a cheating heart.” -He named that woman Pandora, because all the Olympians donated something and she was a real pain for human beings. How did the trick work? -Zeus sends Pandora to Earth, to Epimetheus (“after-thought”) accepts her. -Pandora opens her jar....
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