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Classics-page15 - and evil Theogony Version Lines 354-Zeus...

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What’s the deal with the jar? - Jar, not box. - Unclear instructions. Works and Days, Line 111 - Before that the human race had lived off the land without any trouble, no hard works no sickness or pain that the Fates give to men but the woman took the lid off the big jar and scattered all the miseries that spell sorrow for men. - Only hope was left there in the unbreakable container stuck under the lip of the jar, and couldn’t fly out. The woman clamped the lid back on the jar first, all by the plan of cloud- herding Zeus. Hesiod’s Pandora Story - Etiological Story – It is the cause or origin of something. - What does the story explain? o The origins of how Evil came into the world. o Origin of suffering in the world. o Economic hardship, disease, alienation from the gods/nature, knowledge of good
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Unformatted text preview: and evil. Theogony Version, Lines 354 -Zeus made this lovely evil to balance the good. Form her is the race of femailes, the deadly race and population of women, a great infestation among mortal men, at home with wealth but not with poverty. -Zeus made women as a curse for mortal men, Evil conspirators. Symbolism to Consider: -Jar as “womb.” -Women as containers. -Children as evil. Alienation from the Gods -Technology -Woman. -Not unique to Greek myth. Wednesday October 5, 2011 Misogyny in creation myths (hatred of women). -Greek mis – hate. -+ gyn – woman Greek Misogyny -Semonides of Amorgos o Lyric poet (short poems) o 7 th century BC (after Hesiod)...
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