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Classics-page16 - a Stupid and senseless b Eats 5 Made from...

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Essay on Women (in owl) - How women were created. - No reference to Pandora. - Accounts for various types. - Created from elements/animals. - Meant symbolically, not literally. - No creation of men included. 1. One kind of woman was made from a sow (pig):. o Filthy o Eats, gets fat. 2. Made from a vixen (female fox): a. Mischievous b. Wicked. 3. Made from a bitch (female dog): a. Busybody b. Always yapping. c. Won’t shut up even where her husband knocks her teeth out with a stone. 4. Made from mud:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Stupid and senseless. b. Eats 5. Made from the sea: a. Fickle b. Moody 6. Made from a donkey: a. Obstinate b. Eats 7. Made from a weasel: a. Stinks b. Disgusting to touch. c. Steals 8. Made from a mare (female horse) a. Snobby b. Vain c. Looks good, but expensive to maintain. 9. Made from a monkey: a. The worst. b. Ugly, ugly, ugly. c. Plans harm. 10. Made from a bee: a. Surprise! This one’s okay. b. Doesn’t gossip. c. Doesn’t talk too much. d. Hard worker....
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