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Overall! - Women are the biggest single bad thing Zeus has made for us; a ball-and-chain; we can’t get loose since that time when the fight about a wife began the great war, and they volunteered and went to hell. - Pretty much the Trojan War (Hellen of Troy) Themes - Best woman = subordinate. - Similarly: Judeo-Christian tradition. Judeo-Christian Tradition: The Story of Lilith - From the Hebrew Midrash (a post-biblical text) - Story on owl. - Lilith = The First Woman. - She was rebellious demonized. - Lilith was too independent lead to the creation of Eve. - Shows Lilith as a lover of Satan. - Lilith Origins o Mesopotamian demon who harmed infants.
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Unformatted text preview: o “Lilitu” mentioned as early as 3,000 BC. -Lilith Now o Feminist symbol of independent and assertive. Tuesday October 11, 2011 WORK SHEET DUE ON MONDAY! Check out the flood myth. The Great Goddess An archetype: -Concept from Carl Jung -Model/pattern common worldwide. -Symbolic expression of “collective unconscious.” -Sample: o Great Goddess o Trickster o Dying God (Sacrificial God Figure). The Great Goddess -A principal archetype. -Source of life cycle. o Literal and spiritual. o Birth-death renewal. -Early Goddess worship? o Stone age (30,000-7,000 BC) o Venus of Willendorf (28,000) BC...
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