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Monday October 17, 2011 Apollo’s Domain - God of music - Archer God o Not for hunting – for disease. o Arrows = Plague. - God of prophecy. - Mos Greek of all the Gods. - Associate with reason, intellect. - Not associated with the sun until Hellenistic period. - Epithet Phoebus (shining) from light of intellect. - Represented virtues important to the Greeks. o Physical Ideal. o Moral Ideal. - Only God besides Zeus to have widespread worship. - Often via oracles. - Birth o Zeus impregnates Leto (Minor Goddess) o Hera’s reaction? She got really angry. o Island of Delos, to try and give birth to her children. o Hera doesn’t allow the other Goddess of childbirth to go help Leto. However, one of the Goddesses of birth goes and helps her. o
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Unformatted text preview: Leto has twins, Artemis and Apollo. -Delos: One of the most important religious sites in Ancient Greece. Homeric Hymn to Apollo -Delos, a shared worship site. -Apollo wanted his own site. -Hymn tells of his search. -Finds many unsuitable sites. -Potential site: Telphusa. -Ends up at Crisa, by Mt. Parnassus. o He has to fight the she-dragon. o Kills the dragon. o Apollo tells the dragon to rot! Greek word for rot = Pythein Dragon thereafter called python. Site sometimes was called Pytho. Apollos Priestess called Pythia. o Site securednow what? Apollo punishes Telphusa by burying the sacred spring that people honored her at. He searches for ministers/followers. Highjacks ship of Cretan sailors....
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