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Jumps aboard in form of dolphin. Forces ship to sail to Crisa. Reveals himself to sailors. They call him Apollo Delphinius Crisa Renamed Delphi. o But: Pollution (miasma) from dragon. o Apollo exiles himself fro 8-9 years. o Undergoes purification by serving a mortal for many years. The mortal was very nice to Apollo. o Returns to Delphi, establishes sanctuary. Inaugurates first Pythia. Intermediary between Apollo and Men. o Apollo and Delphi The Stepterion: Restival for Apollo at Delphi. Re-enacts slaying of dragon, purification. Apollo’s Oracle at Delphi - Oracle: o Divine communication from Gods to men, via intermediary. o The medium herself o The site of the communication.
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Unformatted text preview: o Some believed in prophecy. o Believed Gods communicated to men. o Important decision relied on oracles. Where should we found our new city? Who should be our patron deity? Should my kingdom attack Persia? Many Oracles in Greece • To Apollo • To Zeus • To others. o Delphic oracle most famous. o Delphi as center of the world: The omphalos (navel) Consulting the Oracle at Delphi The Human Ritual: -Purify (wash) in nearby spring. -Pay a fee! (sliding scale?) -Sacrifice an animal. -Enter chamber of temple. -Give question to priest. -Wait for Pythia’s response. The Pythia’s Ritual: -Purifies herself (washes in spring)...
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