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Classics-page22 - o Goal Spiritual communion with the god...

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- Burns offerings in scared flame (like leaves or incense) - Descends to underground chamber. - Sits on tripod. - Goes into trance, utters prophecy. - Priests write down utterance. - You get to interpret it. (good luck with that) - Example: o What will happen if I invade Perisa? o You will destroy a great kingdom. Monday October 24, 2011 - Exam #2 is Wednesday November 2 nd ! - First exam to the second exam! Dionysus and Apollo: Parallels Dionysus - Greek Wine Cup - Maenads with Dionysus in the Form of a Bull. o When he was a baby and Hera was angry, - Ancient Greek Religious Worship o Eleusinian mysteries (Demeter) o Thesmophoria (Demeter) o Stepterion (Apollo) o Gods were not considered present at the ceremony in anyway. - Worship of Dionysus o Dionysus considered “present.”
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Unformatted text preview: o Goal: Spiritual communion with the god, via ecstasy. (Standing outside). o Goal: Oneness with the God. o Acknowledge the “irrational” part of self. o Worship involved: Gathering in the woods/on the hills. Dancing till exhausted. Dionysus was linked to wine from the vine, milk from animals, blood of life. Some celebratory drinking (wine, milk) • Altered consciousness. Culmination: Sacrifices to Dionysus. Sparagmos: Tearing apart a live animal. Omophagy: Eat it raw. o Reasons for Sparagmos and Pmophagy: Represents Titans attack on Dionysus, when they tore him apart into a bull. By eating it raw, you are adding the animals power to your own. Embody the god that it represents. o Dionysiac Religion...
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