Classics-page23 - Cult seen as political threat especially in Roman times Cult celebrations of Dionysus = Bacchanalia • Term now misused Like too

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Catholi Communion Ritual (Eucharist), where you take part in eating the bread (body) and wine (blood) of Christ. “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him” (john 6:53-56). o To resist Dionysus was to repress elemental aspects of one’s own nature. o Resistance is dangerous and futile. Example: Euripides’ Bacchae 5 th Century BC tragic drama. Dionysus returns to birthplace – Thebes In disguise, he tests peoples piety. They fail the test. o Women fail: Dionysus drives them mad. o King Pentheus fails becomes sacrifice. o King Pentheus Opposes the Cult of Bacchus. o Euripides’ Bacchae: Need for balance between rational and irrational. o Cult of Dionysus, appealed particularly to women—why? Women more emotional? Oppressed class needed release?
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Unformatted text preview: Cult seen as political threat, especially in Roman times. Cult celebrations of Dionysus = Bacchanalia. • Term now misused. Like too much drinking or too much sex. -Dionysus and the Theater o Athenian festival of “City Donysia” Drama Festival. Held in early spring. At Thearter of Dionysus in Athens In honor of Dionysus. Connection between Dionysus and Drama is unclear. o City Dionysia: Procession with statue of Dionysus People carried phalloi, bread, vines, etc. Animal sacrifices. Four days of drama (tragedy & comedy) Competition with prizes. Wednesday October 26, 2011 Hermes The Trickster Archetype: -Tricks show his own cleverness. -Tricks may harm others. -Often amoral. -Inventive/clever. -Sometiems: A shape-shifter....
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