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- Very popular worldwide. - Examples: o Greek: Hermes o Scandinavian: Loki o Japan: Tanuki and kisune o Native American: Cayote, Raven, Hare o West Africa: Anansi (spider), Zomo (hare) Hermes: - Deceitful - Childish - Amoral - Inventive - Humorous - Homeric Hymn to Hermes Explains: o Hermes as trickster God. o Hermas as patron God of thieves, liars. o Hermes as messanger God. o Hermes Birth Conflict with borhter Apollo Mediation by Zeus Zeus+Maia Hermes. o Hermes sneaks out of cave where he was born and invents the lyre. o Steals Apollo’s cattle, covers tracks by putting branches on feet. o Sneaks back into cave.
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Unformatted text preview: o Apollo discovers theft, suspects baby. o Baby Hermes feigns innocence. o Zeus mediates conflict. o Hermes confesses. o Hermes pays estitution: Gives lyre to Apollo. o Apollow now God of Music. o Zeus makes Hermes messenger. o He becomes Patron God of Travelers. o God of merchants. o God of gamblers. -Also: o Psychopomp: Conductor of Souls. o Leads souls to Hades. o Hermes Trismegistus: Thrice-great (i.e. very great) Associated with magic. Mainly late, 4 th Century AD o Hermes Argeiphontes (slayer of Argus) Story of Zeus and Io -Love Life o Hermes + Aphrodite...
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