Classics-page25 - o Women mourn o Ritual gestures o Procession to grave site o Burial with grave goods o Grave marker set up-No burial restless

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o Salmacis and Hermaphroditus Salmacis wants him so bad that the Gods combined both of them together, both male and female parts. Friday October 28, 2011 Greek Views of Death - Complex - Inconsistent - Condition of soul? o Soul as small winged creature. - Details of afterlife/underworld. - Consistent: o Need for proper burial. o Belief in afterlife. - Greek Burial Ritual o Was corpse. o Dress the corpse. o Anoint the corpse. o Arrange the body. o Warp it in cloth. o Lay it on a bier (funeral bed)
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Unformatted text preview: o Women mourn. o Ritual gestures. o Procession to grave site. o Burial with grave goods. o Grave marker set up. -No burial restless spirit. -Restless spirit needs to be appeased. Hades -Not Satan! Not Hell -Not death-causing. -Gloomy. -Largely unworshipped. -Pictured with Persephone. -Thanators (Death) o His twin brother Hypnos (sleep) o Charon, the ferryman. o Cerberus, the watchdog. o Three judges. -Rivers: o Styx (hateful) o Acheron (woeful) o Phlegethon (fiery)...
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