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o Cocytus (wailing) o Lethe (forgetfulness) - Other Areas: o Tartarus – for punishment o Elysian Fields – for reward. - Punishments o Tityus o Tantalus o Sisyphus Has to push up a rock up a hill for all enternity. o Danaides Killed their husbands on the first night of the marriages. They had to fill a jug with a gigantic hole in it. o Katabasis: The descent Herakles Theseus Odysseus Orpheus An amazing musician. So amazing music that he would be surrounded by animals. Animals loved his his music. On his wedding day, his wife was bitten on the ankle by a snake and died. He went down there and played his music and charmed everyone. Evetually he is so sad and he gives up women and they then rip
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Unformatted text preview: him to shreds. Aeneas Monday November 7, 2011 Exam Review! Why was Orpheus able to go to Hades after dying when he didnt have a proper burial? -An exception, because of his special status and the particular circumstances, he was still able to go to Hades. -His head became an oracle. Was there any metaphorical meaning behind the condition that Orpheus could bring Eurydice out of Hades as long as he didnt look back? -A big connection on whether love can survive death. -Does he trust Eurydice to follow him. -Does he trust that Hades will keep his promise? Do you have to know any locations? -No map!...
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