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Which of the following characters can represent the cycle of life death rebirth? Dionysus Persephone Orpheus. Identify the source of this qupte: - Then the helmsman understood all and cried out at once to his fellows: Madment what god is this whom you have taken and bind? - -The Homeric hymn to Dionysus: Because when Dionysus was going around to prove himself as a God, he was kidnapped and binded…but they fell off. Which of the following pairs does not belong? - Orpheus and Eurydice?
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Unformatted text preview: -Aphrodite and Ares? o They werent married! -Zeus and Hera? -Epimetheus and Pandora? o Pandora comes down to Earth, and Epimetheus takes her anyway. Which religion or religious festival is associated with this character? -Orphism Which of the following chracters is not dismembered? -Hyacinthus: Got hit by a discus. DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE 10 DIFFERENT ANIMALS THAT WOMEN CAME FROM! YOU NEED TO KNOW PARALLELS; SUCH AS YOU DONT NEED TO KNOW THE HEROES....
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