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- In addition, it should be more in dept/analytical than what is provided in the group presentation. For example, an individual writing about a specific city would be likely to find their city similarly to and different than other cities the group examined. You’ll need to discuss what’s different and why. - Individual papers are due on Spark on December 8 th , at 5pm! Project Ideas - Cities: Detroit, Philadelphia, others. - Racial Representation in Professional Sport. - Environmental inequality. - Historical narratives and race. - Prison projects: Response to harsh state policies. - Unemployment/Obama’s Jobs Stimulus - The Working Poor - Inequality in Education - Growing Wealth Inequality 2000-2010 - Asian American Educational Attainment. Economic History - Economic history is the study of economies or economic phenomena in the past. Analysis in economic history is undertaken using a combination of historical methods, statistical methods and by applying economic theory to historical situations and institutions. The
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