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Political Economy - -Then have individual groups to different major-Individuals do different type of colleges Deval Patrick Thursday Which

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prevailing economic conditions, rules and customs, specific incentives involved in practices? - Takaki provides a preable to later colonization by Europeans in his “Before Columbus: Vinland (21-23) describes the first recorded encounter between people indigenous to the US and an outside group, the Vikings. Economic and Social Conditions That Pre-Existed - Fuedalism - Merchantalism Tuesday October 4, 2011 Retention rates of different races/gender in public vs. private colleges/universities? - I like this discussion topic. I want to use it for my project. Do college retention rate for a group paper. - then have individual groups do different races.
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Unformatted text preview: -Then have individual groups to different major. -Individuals do different type of colleges. Deval Patrick Thursday October 13, 2011 Which Countries Benefited from the Slave Trade? Describe how one benefited and their specific involvement? -Britain -France o Utilized slave grown sugars. o 16 Factories refining 10,000 tons of sugar. o Sugar was used for wines in France. o-Holland -Germany -Portugal, Spain, and the Dutch: o Raw materials. Indentured servants. Project -Councils of Education -Naitonal Education Association -Chronicle of Higher Education that publishes once a month. They keep this type of data....
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