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Make a group presentation and then have an individual paper based on our own stuff. Retention Rates – 1. Public vs. 1. Private - UMass Amherst – Amherst College, Zac - URI – Brown, Jacob - Bowdin, Maine vs. Portland State/UMaine – Mitch - UConn vs. Quinnipiac – Mike - Vermont Send email with sample questions about what to ask and what to get. Get as much info as possible. Shannon McDonald- [email protected] Jacob Balcanoff- [email protected] Mike Geoffino – [email protected] College Retention of Minorities of New England Questions to ask: - What is the retention rate between Freshmen year and Sophomore year? - What is the retention rate between Freshmen year and graduation? - What is the acceptance rate of minority students in private vs. public? o What is the reputation or prestige of the university?
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Unformatted text preview: -How do scholarships affect minorities students as well as how many minority students obtain scholarships/loan/financial aid in general? -What percent of students are involved? o What type of sports programs are available? Group Presentations -Differences between states. -Differences between public overall. -Differences between private school as well. -Surrounding demographics of all school. -Graphs! Graphs! -Differences in financial aid offered? Tuesday October 18, 2011 October 18-20 -Required readings, Conrad Chapters 36-38. -Quiz 2 is on October 27. Next week. Cover readings from the last quiz. Colonization and Slavery -What motivated colonization, economically? -Why was native land coveted? -How were cultural and social differences used to justify taking the land, killing the people?...
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