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Political Economy of Racism-page11

Political Economy of Racism-page11 - resource center to...

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- How did colonists use difference to justify their choices (with Africans and Indians)? - Why didn’t the North American colonists adopt slavery as a means of production when (and to the same extent) as in the Caribbean? Hint: Dairty might be useful. - What finally made slavery economically attractive to Virginians? Student Questions? - Takaki on Colonialism, early slavery: - Dairty (in Conrad)? - Other questions? Reparations - Definition - Political Economy - Required Readings: Conrad Chapters 36-38. - Discussion - Study questions will be posted. Political Economy of Reparations - There were large banks, including BOA, as contemporary examples as an organization and its shareholders benefiting form slavery. - Railroads were the next example, at least two in Chicago, as having owned slaves. - Brown and Harvard Universities paid millions in reparations in order to establish a
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Unformatted text preview: resource center to study Brown’s involvement to study their attribution to slavery and to many elementary schools. Thrusday October 20, 2011 -Read pg. 75-78 and Chapter 4 in Takaki for Tuesday. Bring questions you have about that reading with you. -Conrad 36-39 study question shave been posted on Spark. Reparations Argument -Not likely to happen. -Too expensive. -Not easy to figure out who gets it. -How much do they get? -Not fair for me to pay for the stupidity of a previous generation. Group Projects -Connect to Econ 144 to group thesis. -Contribute substance (motivation, deomentation examples, to group presentation. -Provide guidance to members on individual paper without limiting the potential for their individual effor. -Communicate problems, questions in a timely way. -Make good on your individual assignments role in meeting that goal....
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