question2 - (a) Inventory turnover ratio. (b) Days in...

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The following schedule is a display of what type of analysis?  Amount Current assets $200,000 Property, plant, and equipment 600,000 Total assets $800,000 (a)   Horizontal analysis. (b)   Differential analysis. (c)   Vertical analysis. (d)   Ratio analysis. Answer: (c)  Vertical analysis. Which measure is an evaluation of a company's ability to pay current liabilities? (a)   Current cash debt coverage ratio. (b)   Current ratio. (c)   Both (a) and (b). (d)   None of the above. Answer: (c)  Both (a) and (b). Which measure is useful in evaluating the efficiency in managing inventories?
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Unformatted text preview: (a) Inventory turnover ratio. (b) Days in inventory. (c) Both (a) and (b). (d) None of the above. Answer: (c) Both (a) and (b). Which of these is not a liquidity ratio? (a) Current ratio. (b) Asset turnover rat (c) Inventory turnove (d) Receivables turno Answer: (b) Asset turnover ratio Plano Corporation reported net income $24,000; net sales $400,000; and average assets $600,000 for 2010. What is the 2010 profit margin ratio? (a) 6%. (b) 12%. (c) 40%. (d) 200%. Answer: (a) 6%....
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question2 - (a) Inventory turnover ratio. (b) Days in...

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