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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 03 Process Structure dtermines the process type relative to the kinds of resources needed, how resources are partitioned between them, and their key characteristics Layout the physical arrangement of operations created from the various processes, puts these decisions into tangible form Customer Involvement reflects the ways in which customers beome part of the process and the extent of their participation Resource Flexibility the ease with which employees and equipment can handle a wide variety of products, output levels, duties and functions. Capital Intensity the mix of equipment and human skills in a process. The greater the relative cost of equipment, the greater is the capital intensity. Good strategy for a manufacturing process depends first on volume high product customization means lower volumes for man of the steps in the process if custominzation, top quality and product variety are strongly empahsized, lower volume is the result Process Choice way of structuring the process by organizing resrouces around the process or organizing them around the products...
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