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suggestions for progressive 3

suggestions for progressive 3 - Use investtext plus from...

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Use investtext plus from johnson library for sample analyst report   model after analyst report include executive summary seekingalpha Retta seekingalpha Jeffrey Valane proforma: use 10-K for PNK use past 3 years of data terminal growth shouldn’t exceed GDP growth base depreciation by % net  PPE OCF=Net Income + Depre + Adj to NI + Net Working Capital Inventory by % of cogs Stockholders’ equity: Plug: Paid in capital = TA – TL – other items on SE Make sure L+OE=A FCFE=NI-Increase in common equity FCFE=Cash dividends + net purchases FCFE=CFO-CFI(inflow)-Net debt repayments-Increase in cash balance FCFE=CFO+capex+net debt repayments+/-Decrease(increase) in cash balance Note: Capex and net debt are cash outflows Discounted Cashflow Valuation Shares outstanding Cost of equity (annual capm) Finite forecasting period Terminal growth rate (not exceeding GDP) Fiscal year ending
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