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January 24, 2011 Revolution - There are no good wars, with the following exceptions: The American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars Trilogy. - Before 1750, Most Americans thought of themselves as British; no desire to declare independence. - A good rule of thumb: o 1/3 revolutionary o 1/3 neutral o 1/3 tory - Elites: o New England Merchants o Southern Planters o Colonial administrators and Holders of Royal privileges (lands, offices, patents) - Masses: o Shopkeepers o Artisans o Laborers o Small farmers - Disenfranchised: women, slaves, most native Americans. - Different groups disagree on how far rebellion against Britain should go: o Merely encourage Britain to scale back undesirable policies? o Or full-scale revolution and independence from Britain? - The escalation of American hostility to Britain over time.
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Unformatted text preview: -Increased American Opposition to Great Britain o Boston Massacre. o Increase of taxes on tea. o Stamp Act o Boston Tea Party o Quartering of Soldiers o 1765-1776 is primarily when England increases taxes/levies against Americans. Declaration of Independence -Must be understood in light of traditional forms of authority: o Non-democratic o Divinely-sanctioned o Authoritarian -The Declaration’s Fundamental Claims: o All individuals have natural rights that precede government: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” o Legitimate governments only exist to protect these rights (they do so better than the state of nature). o Legitimate governments exist/continue by consent. o Individuals retain the right to cast off governments that do not protect natural rights....
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