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American Politics 101-page2

American Politics 101-page2 - -Interests Remedying the...

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The Articles of Confederation: The First Government - Existed for almost 12 years (1776-1789) - All power in congress; no Executive or Judicial Branches - Each state has one vote (regardless of size) - Members of confederation congress chosen by state. - Congress cannot levy taxes or regulate commerce (this is left to states) - Congress has little formal power to coerce or enforce. What were some of the limits of the AOC? Why were many Americans dissatisfied with it? - Basically rebelled against Britain to create a government that can barely do anything. - No separation of powers. - No real say in elected members. - Basically renders Declaration of Independence Useless. Does nothing to service the ideas that were written in it. - No checks and balances. - Once source of authority. The Constitution: - Ideals: o Republican, representative government. o Limited government. o Respect for natural rights or individuals.
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Unformatted text preview: -Interests: ( Remedying the Defects of the Articles) o Protection of property (Shay’s Rebellion) o Promotion of commerce and investment (prevent interstate trade discrimination) o Reduction of public debt (states took on too much) Big Disagreements -North vs. South (Slave vs. Free) -Creditors vs. Debtors. -Manufacturing vs. Agriculture -Small states vs. Big States. -The constitution was the result of many conflicts and compromises, and the fight over its ratification was an intense ideological and political battle between Federalists and Anti-federalists. Compromises: -How to represent both Large and Small States? o Bi-cameralism: house and senate -How to count slaves in determining representation? o Three-fifths compromise. -How to resolve tension between central and local control? o National government is Supreme, but has limited powers....
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