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January 31, 2011 Separation of Powers and Federalism Take our Form of Government for Granted! - Other democratic governments are quite different. - They provide for much more efficient central government activism. - We should dig into the theory and practice of American government. The Founders Solution: Separation of Powers and Federalism - James Madison: First, divide power among multiple governments; then, divide the power of the federal government among competing branches. - A wrestling match among governments will protect us? Federal Vs. The States: - The Federal Government o Supremacy clause o Interstate commerce clause No specificity. o Necessary and proper clause All laws that are. o Full faith and credit clause States can not discriminate citizens of other states.
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Unformatted text preview: Or methods of contract; license, marriage, etc. o Privileges and immunities clause. -The States o Tenth amendment. o Sovereign immunity o Police powers doctrine o Congressional representation Traditional Federalism -Federal governments: Promote economic development. -State governments: Police power. -Local governments: The details. FDR and the End of Traditional Federalism -Changes o Muscular interpretation of Necessary and Proper and Interstate Commerce. o Dramatic expansion of federal grants in aid. The Grant in Aid Systems -Federal government provides money if states agree to undertake certain tasks. -States can’t run deficits; and they like to keep taxes low, therefore, they’re often strapped for cash....
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