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Civil Rights Movement and the Transformation - Civil rights act of 1964 Prohibits o Job discrimination by private and public employers on basis of color, religion, sex, race, nat’l origin. o Thus, provides openings for other historically disadvantaged groups. o Discrimination/segregation in public accommodations, hotels, restaurants, etc. o Discrimination by state and local governments that receive federal grants. - The Voting Rights Act of 1965 o Prohibits Poll Taxes, Literacy Tests, and other discriminatory measures. o Empowers federal oversight of some states voting laws. (Preclearance) Civil Rights and other Groups - The themes of the civil rights movement equality, integration, equal opportunity were soon taken up the other groups.
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Unformatted text preview: o Women o Latinos o Native Americans. February 14, 2011 Social Policy and Welfare! -Old age -Illness -Unemployment -Disability -Education -Anti-Discrimination Policy What is social policy? Social policy redistributes income from one class to another. -Wealthier to poorer -Younger to older -Working to non-working. Forms of Social Policy Contributory -Examples: Old Age insurance (social security), meicare. -Tied to individuals tax contributions (payroll taxes) -Norm of entitlement. Non-contributory Means Tested -Examples: Temporary assistance to needy families (welfare) food stamps, Medicaid -Not tied to individuals tax contributions. -Only those with limited incomes are eligible....
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