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March 2, 2011 The Administrative Presidency and the National Security State Over 484 different companies work with the NSA. The Presidency has evolved as an institution. President - Thousands of staff - Regulatory authority and oversight of the executive branch. - Directive authority over the bureaucracy. - Authority over the national security state. Why is it important…? - the federal government is the largest employer: More than 2 million federal employees, excluding post office and military personnel. - At least 1300 federal agencies throughout the country. - Budget = $3.5 trillion. Administrative Presidency Pros - At least someone will exercise some direction over federal agencies. - Allows for much greater coordination. - Allows someone to Be Responsible for the bureaucracy. Cons - Empowers President against Congress. - Concentrates authority in executive branch.
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Unformatted text preview: -Can be used for Evil, as well as for good (and, historically, often has been!) Abuses of Presidential Authority -LBJ and Richard Nixon: COINTELPRO and the Civil Rights Movement. -Ronald Reagan: Iran-Contra Scandal. -GWB: Warrant-less wiretapping of communications of American citizens. Jossiah Bartlet! -Almost 2000 staff who work in the White House are responsible to the president. -Gives the president dramatically enhanced ability to gather information, plan programs and strategies, communicate with constituencies, and supervise the executive branch. OMB -Loyal to President -Can analyze and approve all budgetary requests and legislative proposals from all federal agencies. -Regulatory review control rule making by administrative agencies. -The Budget o Obama administration just put out $3.75 trillion budget....
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