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American Politics 101-page13

American Politics 101-page13 - -Obama has made major...

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o The budget is the president’s plan for everything the federal government will do and what it will cost. o OMB created the budget: It Presidency - Presidents staff the upper echelons of the bureaucracy. - But they also have the power to order government agencies to do things. - Presidential Orders: o Executive Orders (Domestic Policy) o Executive Agreements (Foreign Policy) o National Security Directives o Signing Statements Who should control the bureaucracy? Executive Orders - Purchase of Louisiana - Emancipation of the Slaves - Desegregation of the Military. - Creation of the EPA. The National Security State Obama’s War Over Terror
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Unformatted text preview: -Obama has made major changes: Drawing Down in Iraq/Time table for Afghanistan. -But He has retained some of President Bush’s Controversial Practices o Escalated predator drone Use in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. o Rendition of Terror Suspects to other Nations. o Holding some terror suspects indefinitely. March 7, 2011 Midterm! True/False Multiple Choice Pick one of the two essays. -Multiple parts. American Ideology -New England Merchants -Southern Planters -Held Royal Offices -Main population was the laborers. -Lots of disagreement about how far the revolution should go. Necessary and Proper Clause...
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