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- Powers that are not mentioned in the constitution. - Specifically granted to Congress. Full faith and Credit - If you are married in state or have a legal contract in one state, it must be recognized/accept as legal. - Except for gay marriage. TANF: - Temporary Aid to Needy Family - Welfare reformed signed by Bill Clinton. Not an entitlement. Filibuster: - Smith wrote about For the Filibuster! o Liked it! o Better bills that are better for the country because it calls for compromise. o Accidental! - Filibuster could hold up legislation. o Gives the minorities a say. o The Senate takes its time to make laws…not rush. Procedural Rights: -
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Unformatted text preview: How government should act. -The government can take away certain rights through Due Process. Substantial Rights: -Freedom of Speech -No excessive bail. -Limits what the government can do!! What are the different political cultures throughout the US? -One of the extra readings we were suppose to do. Griswald vs. Connecticut -Right of a married couple to use a contraceptive. -Establishes the right to privacy. -Extended to the right to include the right to an abortion. Roe v. Wade -Right to an abortion. Brown vs. Board of Education -Segregated schools are unequal. -Plessey v. Fergason said it was equal. (BUT NOT REALLY!)...
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