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Barron v. Baltimore - 1835 - Mr. Baron is in Baltimore on the harbor. He loses his boat without compensation. - Civil Liberty!!!!! - The Supreme Court gives the Dr. Of Duel Citizenship which says the federal government has to pay for federal government taking something and not the city of Baltimore. Means Testing - Must be below a certain economic bar to be eligible for certain benefits. - March 21, 2011 United States Supreme Court We have a research paper coming up! There are documents to tell us Dos and Don’ts! He provides us recommendations! Quiz becomes available on Wednesday till Friday Federal Courts - Judges are unelected: Strange in a Democracy. - The Courts have “neither the purse nor the sword, only judgment” o Cannot make laws. o Cannot raise taxes. o Cannot even enforce their own decisions. - But…courts make important decisions, that are accepted/recognized.
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Unformatted text preview: -The power of the courts rests in their legitimacy – the perception that what they do is just and wise. -Are courts the least dangerous branch? Organization of the Courts -The states have their own courts (trial, appeals, high court) -Adjudicate cases related to state laws. -Adjudicate cases related to common law. -The federal government ALSO has a system of Courts (Districts, circuit, supreme court) o Adjudicate cases related to federal laws. o Disputes among states. o Disputes among branches of the federal government. o Constitutional Law (Civil rights and civil liberties) The Federal Courts -Most (but not all) cases start at lowest level. -Decisions at the Lower Level can be appealed to higher courts. -Decisions and rules made at higher levels must be followed at lower levels....
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