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American Politics 101-page17

American Politics 101-page17 - o 2/3 said economy was the...

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- Are we selecting the best people for the job? - Do elected officials do the job we want them to do? Who votes? - Compared to the population as a whole, voters are more likely to be… o Wealthier o Older o More educated o White o Employed o More interested in politics - Are elections really representative? Who Votes in 2010 Midterms? - Only 41.5% of Eligible Voters voted compared to 61% in 2008. - 78% were white. - Only 11% were under 30; 23% were over 65. - Only 37% had household incomes less than $50,000 and this is close to the median income. Heuristics! - Voters are often poorly informed, but can make up for it with small pieces of information. It’s the Economy Stupid… - In 2010 o 88% of voters said the economy was in bad shape. o Only 14% said their family’s financial situation had improved. o 86% said they were worried about the economy’s direction -
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Unformatted text preview: o 2/3 said economy was the biggest issue: they votes 53-44 for respublicans. o 73% said they were dissatisfied Voting in the American Political System -Our voting System is comprised of certain institutions. -These institutions are not the only possible choices. -These choices have consequences! The United States has Plurality Rule! -Whoever wins the most votes wins, even if the winner does not have a clear majority. -This means that the votes for losing candidates are wasted. -It also means that the Majority’s representation is exaggerated e.g. the electoral college. -The main alternative: Proportional representation – parties are represented in proportion to their share of the popular votes. -Thus, if there were three parties (A,B,C) and voters voted A= 34%, B=33%, and C=33%, C would still get representation!!!...
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