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Plurality Rule is Linked with Single Member Districts - Each member of congress has his own District. - Only one representative is elected per district. - All congressional districts have approximately the same population…b March 30, 2011 Reaction Paper is Due on Friday! Political Parties, Mobilization, and Participation in Politics More Americans identify themselves as Democrats!!!!!!!! Parties: - Enables and encourages organized competition for political power. - Facilitate electoral process. - Mobilize people into politics. Republicans - Buisness, especially small business.
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Unformatted text preview: -Employers -Wealthier people. -Men -Whites -Older folks -Religious traditionalists -South, Midwest, Plains/Mountain regions Democrats -Labor/teacher unions. -Public sector workers. -Consumer and environmental advocates -The less wealthy -Women -Younger folks -Non-whites -Religious Liberals/Secularists -The Coasts The Tea Party -80% self-described Republicans or Republican leaders -Visceral opposition to big government and Washington -Part 1: the Grassroots -Part 2: Roving billionaires -Part 3. Republican party officials....
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