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American Politics - b Some are more conservative c Some don’t have an ideology… 2 People differ in their political knowledge and sophistication

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April 6, 2011 Submit the paper on Turn It IN and bring in a hard copy of it on Monday! Effects: 1. Agenda setting 2. Priming 3. Framing - But they don’t brainwash people. - Effects are moderated by individuals predispositions. - Political knowledge and media usage matter, too. Agenda Setting: - What issues do people think are most important? - Elites and the media influence public’s views of the most important issues. Priming: - What standards do people use to make judgments about issues? - Elites and the media my influence what standards people use to make judgments. Framing: - How do people understand issues? - Elites and the media may influence what kinds of considerations they use in making choices and judgments. 1. People differ in their predispositions: a. Some are more liberal.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Some are more conservative. c. Some don’t have an ideology… 2. People differ in their political knowledge and sophistication: a. Some know a lot about politics. b. Some know hardly anything. c. Some people care about politics. d. Others don’t give a damn. 3. Opinion: Message (from elites or media) +predispositions + political knowledge. April 11, 2011 What is the Place of Organized Intersts in Ameicna Society -In a free society, citizens must have the right to join and participate in political organizations. -Organized interests provide valuable services to members and to society. o Selective benefits to members. o Interest representation. o Valuable information to policymakers. -However, Orgnaized Interests Produce “Biases”...
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