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o Wealthier and better educated more likely to join/participate o Organized interests are more knowledgeable about policy than ordinary citizens. o Powerful interests may move policies away from what ordinary citizens want… Time to Fess Up The Free Rider Problem! - For those who attend religious services: Do you always make a contribution to your place of worship when you attend a service? - For those who listen to NPR or watch PBS: Do you always make a contribution to NPR or PBS when they have their fund-drives? Interest Groups! - Free Riding: People will try to get something for nothing- that is , they try to get all the benefits of the group without having to contribute to it in anyway. - Groups have to find a way to get people to participate and contribute. - We can’t take interest groups for granted; they have to be created and maintained. Interest Groups Can Provide
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Unformatted text preview: -Informational benefits: Conferences, training, newsletters and periodicals. -Material Benefits: Special serices and goods, ranging from discount purchasing and shared advertising to health and retirement insurance. -Solidary Benefits: Friendship and networking opportunities. -Purposive Benefits: Religious and/or ideological affirmation and shared purpose. Interest Group Strategies Include… -Insider Strategies o Gaining access to key decision-makers in congress and the presidency. o Lobbying executive branch officials. o Using the courts. -Outsider Strategies o Conducting public opinion campaigns. o Trying to get citizens to contact representatives o Trying to influence elections. What Issues get the Most Attention? 1. Federal budget/appropriations 2. Heath Care/health issues. 3. Taxes 4. Defense 5. Transportation 6. Energy and nuclear power 7. Environment...
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