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American Politics 101-page22

American Politics 101-page22 - o Bring us your poor your...

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April 13, 2011 The Organization of American Politics is Changing in Important Ways. Young People are politically different than their predecessors. Is a new politics in the making? Groups that enrolled large numbers of people and cut across class lines are in decline. - Large fraternal organizations (American Legion, VFW, Kiwanis, Elks, Rotary) - Large women’s organizations - Labor Unions And Many New Groups are Groups without Members - Small staff focused in Washington DC - Professionalized - Focused on a small number of issues. - Members primarily write checks; aren’t closely involved with governance or decision- making, and they don’t have to exert themselves to participate. Young People - More likely to volunteer - Young people engage in alternative forms of political participation. April 25, 2011 Immigration Politics in The United States A Nation of Immigrants -
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Unformatted text preview: o Bring us your poor, your huddled, your tired masses.” o Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. o Cheap, free labor… -But each wave of immigration has brought out fears… o Unsavory others: Disease, ignorance, poverty. o Loss of American culture (English speaking, protestant, democratic) o Loss of social control: crime and disorder. -US has cycled through open and restrictive immigration regimes. Pro-Immigration Forces Said… -Opportunity for Freedom from Oppression -Opportunity for personal improvements: Learning democratic and capitalist valus. -Enrich American Culture: Melting Pot -Cheap labor too… Changing Immigration Regimes… -Between 1915 and 1965: o Immigration regime was relatively restrictive. Hard to gain access to US. o Quotas for admittance for people from different nations, favored western Europe....
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