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Solution - Form a government that commands absolute obedience. Revolt - Failure and insanity. Locke - The state of Nature has a law of Nature to govern it - We already understand there are certain rules. - That all mankind is equal and dependent. And wants to be left alone. - Problem o Some people may not understand it. o Disputes over rights and property o Not able to execute punishments. - Solution o Form a government and give up some pwer to the common. o Institutions o Checks and Balances o Separate Powers o Independent Judiciary o Separation of Church and State - Revolt o Abuse of power and removal of rights. o Failure.
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Unformatted text preview: Facts and Words -V is a hero. -The government is a criminal gang of snarling, greedy, unattractive Hollywood nightmares- they are. o Religious o Conservative (Norsefire!) o Intolerant of faith and sexual orientation. Worse -Abuse their own citizens. -Experiment/arbitrary arrests/murder -They even made up the cause of their descent into Hobbesian hell – they created the virus. BUT WHAT IF! ? -Called Tories -The attack and chaos were real and still imminent. -They were not intolerant or greedy. -They didn’t lie BUT They… -Claimed absolute power. -Monitor and censor communications...
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